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Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcoming The Water Dragon Prince: Part 1

Yeah...it's official...our baby is a he. Healthy baby boy Jdenn Isan Go by name. For some purpose, excluding the chinese name but the surname. Jnine Ilena Go would go in our waiting list la. Haha...Why Jdenn Isan Go? Notice the similarities? Jane I=Ai(in mandarin) Go Seow Peng. Ba pandai-pandai la kamurang...

Finally, after the long 9 months waiting, wondering everyday on what will be the gender of our baby, naa..he was delivered 3 days before my due. I'm happy to announce that i'm now a happy mom..huhuhu...Still can't express the feeling of being a mom for the first time...siukkkk....walaupun penat dan bermata panda...

To be frank, i am totaly clueless on how to *story2 you guys about my first delivering experience. Wonder how mommies out there managed to type nice and smooth words to describe the journey they'd been through.... sia tia pandai ooo...nasib la kalau x paham aaa..hihi

Having my baby is a bittersweet challenging experience even from the begining of my pregnency. The answer to my long off the blogsphere. Teribble morning sicknesses, I lost weight to 56 kgs. And at 4 months preggy, I was diagnosed with Twisted Ovarian Cyst. Was admitted for a week (first time in my life being admitted) at the Hospital Tun Ampuan Rahimah Klang or well known as HTAR. Still remember the first time 'seluk' thingy..awww... painful!! Luckily, female doctor..tidak la malu betul sebab sama2 ada...ngee.. But time admitted ni la juga I recieved a news saying I was one of the APC candidates. Naaa...  terubat la sikit kesakitan dan keboringan....

Na drifting suda sa ni.... well, second admitting was the time when I finally was going to deliver. First day of CNY, 23rd January 2012. On the day itself, at around 11 am sempat lagi my family and I went to the new NSK, shopping. I was very much active and walked like there was no other day to shop...laju gila sa jalan keliling the shopping mall with my belly yang memboyot, lupa dunia betul ni time. Maklum la cuti CNY...First time tidak balik Kelantan on CNY sebab tinggal tunggu hari lagi, can't bear the 8 hour journey by car sudah...actually tidak confident bah.

Nah... before the outting to NSK...senyum2 lagi on CNY.