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Thursday, March 10, 2011

127 Hours [Movie Review]

Just arrived from The Summit USJ. Usual routine on Wednesdays, watching movie. As I mentioned previously Wednesday is A Cheap Movie Ticket Day. Sooo..yah, why not.[Grin]

My hubby and I, we agreed to watch 127 Hours. A real story movie version starred by James Franco. Nice simple and light catch. It's a movie that I totaly can relate to. Perseverance...
 that's what this movie all about. It's a matter of choice as well. Serious business involved in the decision making . I screamed every now and then watching this. I just can't imagine trap-hanging like that with severe injured arm stuck under the big bold rock. 

Some other lessons: Sometimes we have to sacrifice something in order to survive and save something else. Whatever happens don't lose it. Have faith. Remember to be thankful for whoever that is in your life. Show your loved ones that you care. [Insaf sekejap]. What did Aron Ralston do? Go and watch this guys. Those who haven't la.. hehehhe...

 Watch this trailer: [127 HOURS]

Thinking of buying a camera for myself.. Any suggestion guys??


PReDicToR said...

wahh..cam best cerita nei...nak tgk la next time

Anonymous said...

wah, a real story..look interesting.. need to download it..huhu..

digital camera nowadays much more cheaper..i always visiting mudah.my to survey anything there..

Fantastic Ajane said...

@predictor: best juga..:) mula 2 FA mcm rasa semacam je movie ni tp there's something about this movie yang buat kita mau tgk sampai habis... :)

Fantastic Ajane said...

@Rush D: ahhh.. can download also kan..:)nti share k..:)

tq 4 d advice. will pay mudah.my a visit soon k..:)

perondajaketbiru74 said...

still not hv time to watch this movie