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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Joining Lonesome Writer's Bloglist

Baru balik dari tengok movie..Review? ok mau buat tp KIV dulu la sebabnya mau tunaikan janji pada kamaryeah. Mau join bloglist beliau bah.. hehheheh.

Ok check out the header. I personally think that her header is awesome. Comel sangat2 kan... agree sila angguk2 kepala ok..

T&Cs to join the bloglist are easy. Well, of which i think reflects the person behind the blog itself.
 Kamaryeah Tajuddin's the name but usually I call her Mar. so sweet and caring girl. I've never met Mar so far but we are actually planning for simple meeting in da future. Am I right Mar?

Ok enough with that, now her blog's turn. Simple[again], neat and relaxing. Love her blog so much that I visit her blog daily without fail. Yup.. without fail though my time is limited during weekdays. You see, teacher's routine. Her blog is written in English. Very nice sentences every time. Adore that, not sure whether Mar realise this or not..hhehehe. Well, guys go pay her a visit and see for yourself k.. you wont regret sebab memang lawa...

Mar, I know you are gonna read this so I'm wishing you all da best. Always stay the way you are coz you are so adorable being the way you are now...



.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

thanks FA~
mar terharu sgt baca ape yg FA tulis tue~
mar pon insyaALLAH seabis daya mesti mau singgah blog FA~
harap2 tercapai impian utk date ngn FA~

nelly said...

Gud luck !

Fantastic Ajane said...

@kamaryeah: tq juga k mar..:)

Fantastic Ajane said...

@nelly: tq nelly..:)