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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Is A Good Artistry

Whole my life, I've always been a fan to good and fine artistries. It's like enjoying my blueberry cheese cake[which I like so the very muchhh] when it comes into arts. Soooooooo... relaxing, satisfying and adorable at the same time. Im not that good in doing arts though but i simply love them. Ngeee....

So entry today, I am sharing with you an artistry that I thought great and creative. Enjoy my friends....
Materials: Red ink(can be replaced with animal blood), cotton pad, white glue,
cotton wool & tooth pick(any tiny sticks)

Use white glue to create the surrounding of wound

Wait for the glue to dry

Use tooth pick to create the wound area

Use a dishwasher pad to spread the extra glue

Use a little drop of red ink to create the outside scratched area

Use cotton wool to even and strengthen the look of scratched area.
Wait to dry.

You can touch the 'wound' up to strengthen the look

Fill the'wound' with the red ink 

Play with the red ink, leave some parts with more ink than the others.
Look more real.

Wait to dry


What do you guys think?
Now I know how the con beggars create their fake open wound.Huh!!
Credit to club.sohu.com for the photos.


.:|kamaryeah|:. said...

nice but creepy~
serius macam real tu~

beaty said...

scary jua ni kan..owhh baru sa tau owh gini pula cara dorang buat wound...mcm real jua o

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaa done creatively! semartt oo...mcm btul2 luka ni...(ei...trus sa tringat luka pilat tembaga sa hihi mirip2 ni)

bgitu pula tu artis2 yg knon2 luka tu kan...now i know! =)
emm...i'm not good dlm art oo...lukis pokok pun nda pndai haha

Nava Kishnan said...

great creative but the looks quite scary to me.

Fantastic Ajane said...

@Kamaryeah: indeed creepy... geli juga bila tengok at first.. hehehe

Fantastic Ajane said...

@Beaty: ya ooo... selama ni kita tertipu kan..:)

Fantastic Ajane said...

@Michelle Sung: Naaa edapatan ada pilat tembaga..wahahahha..nda ba..but yes so scary tgk kan..:) mcm mo temuntah pun ada jg... hehhee

Fantastic Ajane said...

@NAva krishnan: hi dear..tq 4 dropping a comment here. yup indeed scary..:) but i like coz very creative one..:)